'Breathing Space', Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, 2018

We all need some breathing space sometimes don't we?  This beautiful garden is the perfect place to do just that, take a moment and breathe.  There is growing evidence showing the benefits of being outdoors on mental health, and I for one know how calming it is to be outside, whether gardening, walking, or just relaxing on a swing seat and taking in the view.

Sadly it seems, especially for those of us in towns and cities, that our precious green space is being rapidly encroached upon by development,  making it all the more important for us to seek out and make beautiful the neglected corners in our cities, and transform them into green spaces for enjoyment and reflection.  This garden represents just that, a place where industry meets nature, and city meets calm.    

I chose materials, black aluminium, oak sleepers and concrete slabs, which, like modern life, can feel harsh and stark, and dressed them with rusted steel and Stark & Greensmiths beautiful laser-cut panels, which give this industrial look a more delicate finish.   The planting, wispy grasses in muted tones, interspersed with splashes of yellow and purple, from Colour Your Garden and J. A. Jones & Sons Ltd, further softens the space.  All this is bounded by an evergreen hedge, to create a peaceful and private place for reflection.   

I believe everyone should have a breathing space, and, with this design they can.  The components of the build are affordable, making great garden design accessible, and creating a beautiful garden attainable.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors, which include some of the best plant nurseries and craftsmen in Yorkshire, for your help with this project:

Stark & Greensmith, who make the gorgeous laser-cut panels which form the backdrop to the design. 

J.A. Jones & Sons Ltd, a fantastic tree and shrub wholesalers based in Southport. 

Colour Your Garden, a lovely newly established nursery run by passionate plants people.

Association of Professional Landscapers, a badge of quality for any landscaper which provides reassurance for clients.

D. D. Greenwood Joinery, Ripon, 01765 650055, Dave is great carpenter and craftsman who makes beautiful work, ranging from conservatories to furniture.

Dennis Blackburn Engineering, Ripon, 01765 603582, Another superb craftsman.


Website Relaunch!

So, finally we've got around to updating the website with some of the projects that I've been working on over the past couple of years, and I hope you enjoy browsing through them.  I've been honoured to have been working with some of the best people in the industry, including Justin Paxman, Jody Lidgard , Willerby Landscapes, Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins on some fantastic projects. 

One of the highlights for me was working on this RHS Chelsea flower show garden on which I took a leading roll on the build.  It gave me a real headache, and must have been the maddest most exhausting few weeks of my life, but was an amazing experience, and looked quite good too.

Project managed the build of this beauty, the  Chengdu Silk Road Garden  , as part of the  Willerby Landscape  team. 

Project managed the build of this beauty, the Chengdu Silk Road Garden, as part of the Willerby Landscape team.